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Dairy Goats

Nigerian dwarf goat standing in milk stand
Nubian goat doelings

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nubian Goats

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a miniature dairy goat known for producing milk with a high butterfat content. This small statured breed is a delightful companion in addition to a good milk producer. They are a playful and gentle breed sure to make a great addition to your family.

Our breeding program strives for colorful, moon-spotted babies with quality conformation. Our buck and does spend their days grazing our silvopastures with minimal grain supplementation. The does produce mildly sweet, creamy milk. 

Our ADGA registered herd is tested annually and free from CL, CAE, Johne's, Q-Fever, and Brucellosis. 

Nubians are a standard-sized, dual-purpose meat and dairy goat. They are known for being an intelligent and curious breed. Long, floppy ears make them stand out along with their wide variety of coat colors. 

They are known to be a friendly and docile breed. Social goats, they appear to enjoy their humans as much as their herd.

Milk from Nubian goats has the highest butterfat content of standard-sized dairy goats, and it is ideal for making goat cheese. Producing up to a gallon of milk per day, these ladies are milk machines.

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