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French Black Copper Marans

French Black Copper Marans or FBCM are beautiful birds with a friendly, docile disposition, and are layers of gorgeous chocolate brown eggs. Their docile disposition makes them a great fit for families with children or any chicken-keeper wanting a calm, friendly breed. The FBCM should not be confused with the Black Copper Marans. FBCM boast feathered shanks (legs) and black and copper plumage. 


Here at Melhorn Manor & Farm, we strive to breed for Standards of Perfection (SOP) as defined by the Marans Chicken Club USA. This means we evaluate each of our birds for eye color, leg color, feather distribution and color, and body conformation, plus so much more! In addition to breeding for SOP, we are continuously breeding for the darkest chocolate eggs possible. 

Stay tuned for heavy blooms in 2024, as we spend this year building our heavy bloom flock!

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