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Pastured/Forested, Non-GMO Pork Shares


Upcoming pickup dates for pork shares are August 2023.


Pork Shares (half or whole)


Our philosophy at Melhorn Manor & Farm is that food should be raised as naturally as possible. All living things deserve respect for the important roles they play, and we strive to raise them the way God designed, with fresh air, fresh ground, plenty of room to roam, and sunshine. Our pigs are raised on pastured and forested land where they are free to forage for grass, roots, and anything else they may dig up. We rotate them to a new piece of land every couple of weeks to ensure they have a clean environment and a constant supply of fresh nutrients from the earth. Their diet is supplemented with freshly milled non-GMO grain from Edwards Feed in Lebanon, TN. We chose this feed because it does not contain fillers, antibiotics, hormones, or medications of any kind. We raise our hogs holistically, treating them with herbs rather than chemicals. Were a life-or-death situation to present itself and medications were required, that particular hog will be pulled from our hog share program. We believe these practices result in healthier hogs, leading to healthier cuts of pork for your family.




We currently offer half and whole pork shares to those who want to purchase in bulk on a first-come-first-served basis. Your share can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit (we accept cash, check, or Venmo). This deposit secures your share, supports our farm in raising your hog to size, and will be deducted from the final price of your share. 



• HALF: $150

• WHOLE: $300




Pork shares allow you to custom cut a whole or half hog. We will provide you with your scheduled pickup date and the date your cut sheet is due when you submit your deposit. Any questions regarding the cut sheet should be directed to Overhome Meat Processing (2453 Hwy. 131, Thorn Hill, TN 37881; phone: 865-352-5021). It is imperative you collect your share on the date you are given as we do not have freezer space to hold them overnight. 


Your final bill will not be available until the morning of your pick-up.



$5.05/LB Hanging weight (owed to farm)

+$60 whole hog OR $30 half hog standard fee for harvesting hog (owed to butcher)

+$.65/LB Hanging weight (owed to butcher)

+$7.50/25lbs mild seasoned sausage (owed to the butcher to cover the cost of seasoning)

+$7.50/20lbs hot seasoned sausage (owed to the butcher to cover the cost of seasoning)

+$1.50/LB for bacon slicing (owed to butcher)

+$20.00 for brine cure (owed to butcher)





Our hogs are processed at six months old, with a goal of 100 lbs. hanging weight for a half-share. Some hogs weigh a little more and some a little less. The term “hanging weight” describes the carcass weight with blood drained and organs removed. After cutting the half to your specifications, a 100 lb. half will yield approximately 70-80 lbs. of standard cuts of pork, about enough to fill four grocery bags. Also available are bones (to make stock), organ meats (delicious and nutritious), head, or tail.





At our price of $5.05/LB of hanging weight and assuming another $95 in butcher costs, the estimated total cost of a 100 lb. hanging weight half-share would be approximately $600.


Here at Melhorn Manor & Farm, we understand the problematic nature of industrial farming, and we hope to offer our community locally raised, high-quality meat that you won’t find in stores. We take pride in enriching our animals’ lives while we are their caretakers, because as we like to say, “On a good farm, the animals only have one bad day.” 

(Prices are subject to change.)

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