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Place your 50% deposit to pre-order your grown-out, coop-ready pullets today!

6 week old coop-ready pullets - $25/each

(A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to hold your pullets until the designated pickup day.)


After lots of requests for these ladies last year, we will have Dominique pullets ready for pickup on July 15th! Their hatch date was 6/5/23. At 6 weeks old, these ladies will already be outside and won’t require a brooder or heat source. They are excellent free rangers who lay large brown eggs. 


Our pre-order grow outs are ordered from Murray McMurray. They are hatchery sexed pullets and vaccinated for Marek's at the hatchery. We do not vaccinate for coccidia as the cost of unmedicated feed is much higher (if they are vaccinated, they must have unmedicated chick starter). 


In order to provide our customers with the healthiest birds possible, we raise our pullets in both Hatching Time brooders and Hatching Time/GQF grow-off pens. We feed medicated chick starter from the time they arrive. They do have time outdoors, as weather permits. We love being able to roll their brooders and grow-off pens outdoors to give them access to sunshine and fresh air. 


Please note, the remaining balance is due at time of pickup.



Please review our purchase policies before placing an order here: 

Dominique Pullet Pre-Sale for Pickup on 7/15/23

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